Advanced Magic

     Despite their perceived simplicity and human's tendency to think of them as a regularly used and necessary part of magic, wand and staff magic is actually very complex, difficult, and exclusive. Without the necessary skill and talent, chances of you completing just the basic levels is slim to none. This is why they are considered advanced magic. So what is wand and staff magic?

By definition, wand magic is any magical working that requires the use of a magical wand in order to work. So by association, staff magic is any magical working that requires a magical staff in order to work. Therefore, if you can perform the desired magic without the need for a magical wand or staff, it is no longer considered advanced magic.

     So with this new understanding of advanced magic in hand, we will now proceed to explore the specifics of wand and staff magic. Though they are considered two different types of magic, wand and staff magic are very similar in their individual types of magic. This is because the energy needed in order to use a magical wand or staff are also very similar, with the main difference being their strength and potency. We will start with the weaker of the two.

Wand Magic

Wand magic is the energetic ability to control and manipulate a certain type of energy through the use of a magical wand. However, because it is nothing more than an energetic skill or talent, users of wand magic are also capable of other types of magic, like general magic for example, without the need of a magical wand.

     This means that wand magic is nothing more than the ability to manipulate and control a certain type of energy. So what are these different types of energies? Though it is impossible to name them all, the most common are your elemental energies: earth, air, fire, and water. Some other ones commonly seen are your physically specific energies. Some examples of this might be trees, the ocean, or a particular season. The most rare of these energies are Light, Dark, and time energies. When someone has a skill or talent for these energies, quite often they are in need of the stronger staff magic.

Staff Magic

Staff magic is the control of a certain type of energy that naturally flows within the caster despite it being different from the typical type of energy their species is known for. Because of this, it is very common for the magical staff to become a necessary part of all the caster's magic, even up to and including general magic.

     This is what makes staff magic stronger and more potent than wand magic, for you are not just controlling or manipulating that type of energy. You are actually utilizing it just like the typical magical utilizes their energies to perform magic. As a result, this makes the caster one with that energy, thereby allowing them access to the full strength and potential of that energy. This is why users of staff magic are so dependent upon their magical staffs. When a magical staff is made, it is built with specifically chosen physical objects and around specific energies that allows the magical staff to double as a grounder. What is a grounder, you may ask?

A grounder is any object or technique that balances energies. In other words, it acts like the roots to a tree or string to a kite, it grounds and stabilizes the active energies, thereby making them more controllable and predicable. Without a grounder, especially as the utilized energies increase in strength, power, and potency, it can become very hard if not impossible to properly control those energies, thereby making the attempted magic unpredictable.

     Normally, magicals are not in need of a grounder unless they plan to advance to graduate or ancient levels of magic, for the energy they are using is already tied to their body. This then can act as a natural grounder when using the right magical techniques. For the user of staff magic, however, this is not the case as their energies are flowing from another source and therefore are not connected to their body, hence why magical staffs are also built as grounders. For the caster who needs a magical staff, this allows them to always stay grounded and in control of their own magical abilities so long as they are in contact with their magical staff. For this reason, one of the first spells learned in staff magic is staff transformation.

Staff transformation is a simple spell that physically transforms the caster's magical staff into another object, usually a type of jewelry. This allows the caster to inconspicuously wear their magical staff whenever they are not in need of the staff's full power.