The Beast

     The beast is what really defines a vampire's class, of which by association also reflects their abilities, strength, and power. So what exactly is the beast? The beast is the living predator that thrives within the vampire. It is so powerful and instinctual that at times it can seem like its own being entirely. Think of your own primal instincts and the primal instincts of other animals, especially predators. Now imagine these primal instincts as being your primary driving force, that fire within you that fuels your desires and passions with the strength and willpower to follow them through. Imagine these primal instincts being so powerful that it often feels as if you have a living predator, a beast, thriving just beneath your skin, just waiting for its chance to take charge of your body. That is what the beast is, and every vampire must learn how to coexist with the beast within them, thereby controlling their own predatory instincts and supernatural abilities. The stronger and more powerful the beast is, the more perfection, abilities, magical power, and over all strength the vampire naturally has. The flip side is this also means it is harder for the vampire to find that coexisting harmony required in order to have full access and control of all their abilities. This is why the development of higher class vampires often takes longer, as they have a lot more work to achieve that same coexistence as their weaker lower class vampires.