Blood Family Coven (BFC)

The logo of the Blood Family Coven

     The Blood Family Coven, or BFC, is the only coven that could rival the Head Count Coven, or HCC, in being the most well-known coven in the universe today. This is because the BFC is the most unorthodox coven around, thereby creating a home for any and all misfit vampires. In a manner of speaking, this coven rightfully claims to be able to give these misfit vampires "the loving and supportive family they otherwise might never have."

     With the heart of the BFC founded on the embracing of different and newly-turned vampires, the development of their unorthodox ways in attempts to blend these very different worlds and cultures was inevitable. Because of this, they have created an unconventional refuge that almost any misfit vampire can call home. It is this very mission that led to the founding of the BFC in the first place. Despite their many differences, by blood each and every vampire is a part of the same vampire family. However, a lot of vampires do not see it this way, thereby causing those who are different from the socially acceptable norm to be cast out as misfits. After seeing this, the founder of the BFC decided to create their own family where any vampire can feel loved and accepted, no matter how different they may be, hence the existence and title of the BFC.

BFC Stronghold

The home of the Blood Family Coven, often called BFC Stonghold.

     When looking for a place to establish their new family, the BFC founder finally chose an ancient structure that had been vacant for many generations. This was the first of countless unconventional acts that gave the BFC its infamous reputation, as the chosen structure is an ancient stronghold. The stronghold is an ancient style of home that is believed to be the first style ever constructed among massive buildings like mansions and castles. In fact, it is said to be the ancestor, if you will, of the sorcerer’s most popular modern day style of home today. Therefore, it is structurally built for the height and size of the sorcerer species, the one species vampires hate and have warred with the most. Regardless of this, the BFC founder could see this was the right place for his new coven family. Thus, the BFC and BFC Stronghold were born.

     Strongholds are very unique in structure, and BFC Stronghold is a classic example of the stronghold's find workmanship. The entire structure is almost square-shaped at the foundation, and the roof has so many peaks and cylinder towers it appeared to be reaching towards the sky, warmly reflecting the moonlight like fine grey porcelain as if it were its lover. They have vast green lands that stretch out to the front and side of the stronghold and a black wrought iron fence surrounds it. For example, since BFC Stronghold faces due east and its gate is to the south, its land stretches to the north and east, with the wrought iron fence surrounding both the land and the structure. These ancient structures are built to be both a small city and a powerful, magical barrier of ultimate security. A safe haven they could forever depend upon to ensure their survival.

     First you have the richly fertile lands. These are meant for growing all kinds of edible plants, and the fence throbbing with ancient spells of protection ensures they will not be bothered by outsiders. The structure itself is also built to ensure their survival, with every stone throbbing with ancient spells of protection and carefully placed in order to create an equally strong physical insurance. Stone arches spread throughout the entire structure, both inside and out, ensures the structure will stand firm against attacks. The extra thick, stained glass windows randomly scattered and lit up by candle light are built to withstand not only physical attacks but to reflect all magic, and the doors are built with ancient spells that protect the entrances whether they are opened or closed, thereby making it near impossible to enter without permission. Even the layout of each floor is built with purpose despite its chaotic first impression.

     Originally built for the tall sorcerers, the vaulted ceilings of every floor would feel like two stories for the shorter species like nymphs and witches, but at the same time open it up to feel much larger than it actually is. With equal amounts of floors both above and below ground, only a single spiral staircase will give access to every floor. The four upper floors are built in a way that gives them a maze-like feel, making it very easy to lose your way. The top two floors as well as the four lower floors are only accessible to those who know where the secret entrances are and how to open them. This is to create another layer of protection, just in case the structure is somehow breached.

     The top floor is for the elder or leader of the place along with their most trusted warriors and their immediate family. The four lower floors, built in a less random floor plan but just as maze-like, are the main living spaces. With two floors filled with suites, one for warrior training and exercise (though it could also be used as an internal garden if necessary), and the last as a hospital, the lower floors are the lifeblood of the entire structure. Finally, spread throughout all the floors, especially the lower floors, are live plants that ensure oxygen is always in abundance. Within here, you could literally live forever in safety without ever stepping outside, and that was its entire purpose.

     Back then, these buildings were built out of necessity, as the monsters of Risky Range and the beings of Shadow Lands thrived throughout the entire continent. Dangerous beings that would not hesitate to rob, harm, or even kill you upon sight. So such barriers of protection were vital to their survival. This is also one of the reasons why their structures seemed to glow at night, as it provided a light that helped to discourage these terrifying predators. Those times have long since passed now as their numbers have dwindled, though they are no less dangerous, and yet some of these magnificent structures built strictly for survival still stand tall. Now highly-respected monuments all but dedicated to those ancient times.

     Holkmen is the closest settlement to the BFC, and therefore is the location of the only road to BFC Stronghold. This city rests just west of the border between Sprites Pasture and Spells Prairie, perfectly placed between the foothills of Risky Range and the Southern Coast beach. The road weaves north to BFC Stronghold and runs right up to the gate, located on the southern side of the far southeast corner of the iron fencing. The gravel road then turns sharply west and circles right up to the small stone path right in front of the lit stairs before circling back around to rejoin the gravel road in order to lead you back out of the same gates you previously entered.

     Inside BFC Stronghold, the style appears inspired by Earth’s French Colonial style, and yet is magically modern and filled with technology just like Earth today. Though comparably, the technology on Sarvannia is always significantly more advanced than on Earth. Ancient yet new, magical yet human, it is an unusual mixture of insurmountable proportions that will likely never be fully accepted by the entire magical community. In and of itself, BFC Stronghold is arguably the greatest physical representation of what the BFC was originally founded upon and still holds strong to even to this day.