First Lower Floor

Floor plan for the first lower floor of BFC Stronghold.

     The first of the lower floors is the start of what is known as the lifeblood of BFC Stronghold, of which includes all of the lower floors. Due to being one of the six floors that are strictly dedicated to coven members, it is completely off-limits to any and all who are not members of the coven. To ensure this, the original builders of BFC Stronghold built powerful ancient enchantments into the stairs themselves, both the main stairs and the library stairs. These enchantments make finding, more or less accessing, them next to impossible if you do not have the knowledge and tools necessary to counter the enchantments.

     Filled with single bedroom suites, most of the coven members on this floor are at least in their adolescence. As a result, this floor of the library has an even mix of fiction and nonfiction. Each floor of the library has rows and rows of bookshelves filled with just about any subject imaginable, a staircase to the upper and lower floors curled along the wall adjacent to the door, and a quite sitting area. On this floor, there is also a sitting room just across the hall to the south of the library, so there is plenty of space to read and socialize on this floor, both inside and outside of the bedroom suites.