Forth Floor

Floor Plan for the forth floor of BFC Stronghold.

     Next to the U-Vamp, the forth floor is the most vital floor of BFC Stronghold, as it is the heart of the entire establishment. Because of this, it is the most restricted of all the floors. Even among coven member, only a select few are given full, unrestricted access to this floor, exempt from the library. To ensure this, the original builders of BFC Stronghold built powerful ancient enchantments into the stairs themselves, both the main stairs and the library stairs. These enchantments make finding, more or less accessing, them next to impossible if you do not have the knowledge and tools necessary to counter the enchantments.

     Because of being the heart of the establishment, the Coven Leader and Head Warrior both have special suites on this floor, with a shared sitting room for them to privately conference or socialize within. The Coven Leader has a large private patio, and a private office. The Head Warrior has double doors that open to the outside with a fence directly on the other side for safety purposes, and a private study. Also on this floor are a variety of bedroom suites for the three most trusted warriors and immediate family members. There is also a lounge, sitting room, study, computer room, and porch they all can enjoy, with the sitting room doubling as a conference room whenever needed.

     To finish off the homeliness of this floor, it is complete with a kitchen and dining hall, and connected to the dining hall is a porch also set up for dining. This way, fresh air is always within easy access. Regardless of all the restrictions already in place on this floor, the most restricted area of the entire stronghold is by far the forth floor of the library. Just like with every floor of the library, it has rows and rows of bookshelves, a staircase to the lower floors curled along the wall adjacent to the door, and a quite sitting area close to the windows for reading.

     What makes this floor so valuable is this is what is known as the archives section. The archives section is where all of the documents on the coven's history, leaders and head warriors, important people, and historical events that somehow influenced the coven are located. It also contains all of the rules and important information that kept the coven functioning, and any changes that has ensured the coven continues to function, if not thrive. Because of this, especially since most of it is irreplaceable, it is the most valuable of all the assets the coven possesses. Therefore, only the current Coven Leader and Head Warrior have the ability to gain access to this floor of the library.