Main Floor

Floor Plans for the main or first floor of BFC Stronghold.

     With light gray stone walls, medium brown hardwood arches, and white marble finishes, BFC Stronghold is as classic and charming as it is strong and secure, and the main floor is the greatest representation of this. Due to being the first floor you enter, it is viewed as the center of BFC Stronghold. Therefore, it is the main area for entertainment, especially when there are guests. With several sitting rooms, three with a classic marble fireplace with a medium brown hardwood mantel; a music room; a dance room; a bar; two studies; a lounge; and the main floor of the library, there are a lot of options available.

     The most commonly seen room would have to be the grand room just off of the entrance hall. This is because it is the largest and most elegant of all the rooms on the main floor, as it is specifically built for entertaining guests and accommodating large groups. Not to mention it is the first room you come to. Next would be the three sitting rooms with fireplaces, as they are warm and welcoming, great for smaller social groups. The other two sitting rooms as well as the studies and lounge are mostly used by coven members, as they are more relaxed and homely.

     For more lively or intimate entertainment, either with coven members or invited guests, the game room, music room, dance room, and bar are the most commonly used. The game room is equipped with table games like pool, a large round table for board and card games, and the latest video game console. The music room is equipped with all kinds of musical instruments and implements, so it can easily accommodate everything from band practice to music lessons. The dance room is like a dance club, with a massive dance floor, a DJ area in the corner, and a small dining area against the wall for food and drinks. The bar is more like a sports bar or pub, with a big screen for television programs or movies, a massive fully-stocked wet bar, and a pool table.

     Each floor of the library has rows and rows of bookshelves filled with just about any subject imaginable, a staircase to the upper and lower floors curled along the wall adjacent to the door, and a quite sitting area close to the windows for reading. The main floor of the library is filled with fiction books for leisurely reading. Finally, the main kitchen, dining hall, and food pantry are in the far corner from the front door. The kitchen is equipped with a tall standard-sized door to the outside for bringing in crops. Combined with the maze-like hallways, the main floor can feel like a mix between a relaxing home and a night on the town.