Second Floor

Floor plan for the second floor of BFC Stronghold

     The second floor is like an extension of the entertainment options the first floor provides. Though guests have been allowed on the second floor, this area is mostly reserved for the coven members. Therefore, they are more relaxed and homely in style. This is where the Earth and human influence is the most evident, as no other place on Sarvannia is this centered on technology. This is where all of the most modern Sarvannian electronics are located, with three TV rooms, a theater room, a computer room, two game rooms, a party room, and two snack bars.

     With three different TV rooms and a large theater room for movies, there is no lacking on places to watch your favorite movie or television program. The game rooms are filled with the latest in arcade games and game consoles, with a circular table in the center of the room for board and card games. The snack bars are both placed in prime locations for easy access from these room. They are like the snack bar at an expensive theater, only you serve yourself. They are even supplied with coolers and blenders for beer, wine, and a variety of cocktails.

     The computer room and studies have the latest computer technology on Sarvannia that can be used for anything from gaming to socializing to research. The studies are dedicated strictly for research, studying, and computer work. The party room is actually a dual purpose room. Its main function is for massive parties, complete with fancy lighting, a sound system, built-in surround sound, and easily movable furniture. This way it can be used for anything from simple birthday parties to elaborate late night parties complete with drinking. However, when it is not being used for parties, this room also doubles as a classroom, as all schooling is done at the coven.

     The rooms that seem the most out of place are the lounge, two sitting rooms, and library. The lounge and sitting rooms are quiet, social areas for coven members, purposefully kept separate from the main floor where guests are most likely to be. Each floor of the library has rows and rows of bookshelves filled with just about any subject imaginable, a staircase to the upper and lower floors curled along the wall adjacent to the door, and a quite sitting area close to the windows for reading. The second floor of the library is filled with non-fiction books, encyclopedias, and factual books. These are meant for research, fact-finding, and the studying of specific subjects, places, and people.