Third Floor

Floor plan for the third floor of BFC Stronghold.

     The third floor is the only general living space that is above ground, and therefore is mostly dedicated to the family and friends of the leader and warriors who live on the highly restricted forth floor. Due to being one of the six floors that are strictly dedicated to coven members, it is completely off-limits to any and all who are not members of the coven. To ensure this, the original builders of BFC Stronghold built powerful ancient enchantments into the stairs themselves, both the main stairs and the library stairs. These enchantments make finding, more or less accessing, them next to impossible if you do not have the knowledge and tools necessary to counter the enchantments.

     Equipped with a lounge, sitting room, and study, it is as family friendly as it is practical. With both single and family bedroom suites, even the sitting room is built with two open archways instead of a door. This allows it to easily double as a playroom, where the adults can socialize while their children play together. For adult quiet time, the lounge is soft and cozy. Even children are required to stay very quiet if ever they enter this room, though they usually do not. The study has several writing desks and a couple of computers. Though it is not required to be quiet in here, it is highly encouraged. This is because it is mostly used for work, research, and study, though this is not a set rule.

     Each floor of the library has rows and rows of bookshelves filled with just about any subject imaginable, a staircase to the upper and lower floors curled along the wall adjacent to the door, and a quite sitting area close to the windows for reading. On the third floor, the bookshelves and reading area are evenly divided into two distinct sections. One section has an assortment of fiction and nonfiction adult books, with a cozy area for quiet reading. The other section has varying levels of children's books, with an area built to size for the children to quietly read or play. Though the complete selection of these varying subjects are on different levels of BFC Stronghold, this allows for a sufficient variety for the wide range of potential ages and reading tastes on this floor.