Synopsis of The Blood Fangs

The Blood Fangs Series:

Book One

     With her older brother Kenneth as her primary support and source of unconditional love, Kasandra Sanderson is a teenager who is about to have her world turned upside-down. With their parents nonstop bickering eventually turning into a bitter divorce that leaves them feeling even more alone and helpless than ever before, it is no surprise that they would go looking for a way to regain control over their own lives. So when Kasandra realizes that her own brother has somehow managed to gain such control, she is anxious to receive his blessing and guidance. Little does she realize, this decision could prove fatal.

     Before long, they both find themselves helplessly deep within the entrapping allure of The Blood Fangs, a powerful vampire gang led by a vicious vampire with the street-name of Heart Stopper. Though seemingly sweet and motherly, there is a lot more to Heart Stopper than meets the eye. In no time at all, both Kasandra and Kenneth are turned vampires and loyal members of The Blood Fangs, but this will not end without sacrifice and tragedy.

     Just when the building severity, growing devastation, and ever present influence of Heart Stopper becomes too strong for Kasandra to fight, a mysterious woman by the name of Shakira enters her life. What could be Shakira's purpose and reasoning for being here now? What can she possibly offer Kasandra for comfort and strength within this seemingly hopeless situation? Or is it too late to stop the impending tragedies that lie ahead with them already confined to this deceitful world that is far beyond the safety of their human home? Dive into Kasandra and Kenneth’s ever changing world and find out.

     This is the first book of The Blood Fangs Series. It has also been lovingly dedicated to all those who have been negatively affected by divorce, be it directly or indirectly, and have found the strength within themselves to turn their lives around for the better, no matter how difficult it may have been. May this book serve as a reminder to all of us to "Stay strong and know that you are loved." 

     Due to the very message of this book, if being read to or by anyone under the age of fourteen, adult participation and parental involvement is highly recommended.