Heart Stopper

     Heart Stopper is the epitome of beauty, grace, and strict control over everything within her life. She has toned and strong muscles, a perfect figure with curves even more perfect than Kasandra’s, long black hair only just darker than Kasandra’s that is in a thick single braid that drapes over her shoulder and reaches down past hip, lovely deep blue eyes almost as bright and unique Kasandra's that have a sweetness about them that also makes her look hard and powerful, all-natural perfectly shaped eyebrows and thickly curled eyelashes, white ivory skin that is visibly soft and blemish-free, and an outstandingly perfect allure. To add to it all, she has four massive fangs that she is not afraid to show or use.

     As if her physical makeup wasn't enough, her attire only pushes it over the edge. Wearing knee-high leather boots that hug her legs with a small point at the toe plus 6” spiked heels and tight, leather, hip-hugger short shorts, her legs look long and appealing. A metal chain with a leather belt weaved through it hugs her hips, and hanging from it is a hefty sword on her left hip and a fierce-looking revolver on her right hip, both looking very fitting on her somehow. For her shirt, she has on an empire-waist halter top with only a BF logo broach just below her chest in the front to hold the red silk fabric together, thereby showing off a lot of cleavage and her diamond-studded stainless steel belly button ring. To top it all off, she has a dark red cape with a bright red lining and black fur along the edge, and when not being worn is often hanging from a coat tree nearby.

     Finally, to ensure no one can mistaken her for who she really is, her shirt perfectly shows off her tattoos, especially when she is not wearing her cape. Her tattoos are as follows. Striping the outside of both arms, spelled out in red and black capital letters, is ‘THE BLOOD FANGS’, with the BF logo on the backs of her hands. On the center of her upper chest is their mark, only instead of a square red frame, the edges are faded into a circle. Then circling her mark in intricately-designed capital letters, only just avoiding her cleavage, are the words ‘HEART STOPPER’. Combined with her sweet and sensual voice, comforting words, and good eye for the heart's true desires, very few have ever been able to deny her.

     Tall and gorgeous with an unmistakable motherly impression, seductive allure, and radiance of perfection in every way, one would never suspect that there is a lot more to her that meets the eye. With the street-name of Heart Stopper as well as being the leader and founder of The Blood Fangs, she constantly uses her disarming and nurturing demeanor to draw in new, unsuspecting humans to either feed off of or turn into new vampire members to add to her loyal gang of followers. Willing to use all methods necessary to ensure her desires and orders are always fulfilled, you never know what she will do next. This leave one to wonder, with such a seamless facade of deceit and loving care, can anyone get the better of her? Or will she be the one with the last laugh?