Kasandra Sanderson

     One of the main characters in the entire Blood Fangs Series, Kasandra is a human fighting to regain control over her life. With bright blue eyes, thick midnight black hair only just darker than the shadows of night, pale white ivory skin that never tans, an athletic body, perfect curves, and near perfect appearance, her only wish is to stop the ever increasing downward spiral of her and her brother Kenneth's lives. Their parents are in a bitter divorce that eventually finalizes when she is only thirteen. With her mother keeping the house and main custody of her and Kenneth, her father moving out to live in an apartment with a coworker, and her birthdays being constantly ruined and eventually ignored year after year by her own parents, she turns to her older brother for help.

     After initially giving her a cold welcome, Kenneth embraces his sister and takes her under his wing once again. He presents her with his special pot to help her to relax by numbing her pain, tells her about him now being a vampire, and introduces her to his new family, a powerful vampire gang called The Blood Fangs. After traveling through a portal to find herself on another planet entirely called Sarvannia, she is taken into their main headquarter to meet their leader, a vicious vampire with the street name of Heart Stopper. Upon entering their headquarters, she has no idea that her life is about to be irreversibly changed forever.

     When her first smoking of their special marijuana goes horribly wrong, her brother's unexpected bite starts a permanent though unusually prolonged transformation within her. A transformation that will end with her too becoming a vampire. This will cause her eyes and hair to get darker, her skin to get lighter and even more flawless, her body to become very muscular and even more seductively perfect in beauty and abilities, and ending in the development of her four large fangs. When at long last her transformation is complete, she goes from wearing jeans, t-shirts, and ballet flats on average to black leather boots and pants, a dark red silk halter top, and a black hooded cape with a dark red lining.

     Along with her change in attire, she also becomes a Blood Fangs member and receives her official mark: a stunningly well-done tattoo of four vampire fangs biting a heart with the BF logo tattooed just above it. Just when she thinks she is gaining control of her life, the beast of the vampire emerges. With her thirst for blood allowing the beast to take complete control, she slaughters several humans brought in by other Blood Fangs members. Only after her thirst is quenched and the beast settles does she realize the identity of the humans, thereby causing her such guilt that it overwhelms her. This is when Heart Stopper presents a needle filled with their special meth, and with the promise of emotional numbness, Kasandra is ready to embrace it. However, Kenneth is unable to hold back anymore, and with his heroic actions that saves his sister he is left speared and bled out upon the floor. With this last insult of heart crushing devastation finally destroying her will to fight, how will Kasandra react to the awaiting surprises just up ahead?