Kenneth Sanderson

     Kenneth has always been the caretaker, protector, and loving support to his younger sister of three years, Kasandra. This is in due cause of their parents' seemingly nonstop fighting and eventual bitter divorce, the growing absence of their workaholic father, and their psychologically frail mother. With hazel eyes she always found unconditional love within, medium brown hair she adored, deeply tanned skin that she often idolized, and ordinarily average looks, Kasandra could always find comfort within his gentle acceptance and unintimidating appearance. However, this changes as his own psychological health starts to diminish under the pressure, thereby leading him to join a powerful vampire gang called The Blood Fangs. This not only causes him to grow addicted to their special pot and special marijuana that causes him to grow emotionally numb and even more psychologically unhealthy than before, but also leads to him becoming a vampire himself. As a side effect of all this, his demeanor, overall appearance, and chosen attire also changes.

     As if all of this wasn't bad enough, at the age of sixteen he willingly brings his own sister into this dangerous world of vampires. That same day, his hallucinations get the better of him, and he finds himself biting Kasandra and eventually injecting her with a bit of his own vampire venom. This not only starts turning her into a vampire, but permanently ties her to the magical community and within the underhanded strength and allure of The Blood Fangs, especially Heart Stopper. However, over the months of this prolonged transformation, he starts to realize just how much Kasandra has suffered since his absence and causes him to start putting the drugs he deeply craves aside. As a result, when the health and well-being of his beloved sister is in jeopardy, he willingly puts his own life on the line in order to save her. This leaves two pivotal questions remaining. Will he be making the ultimate sacrifice in order to save her? And will his sacrifice be in vain?