Minor Characters

Alexander Jay Sanderson

     Kasandra and Kenneth's father and a well-known workaholic, Alexander is the breadwinner for his family. Though he loves them dearly and works hard to ensure they never want for anything, he often forgets that sometimes personal time with them is more important than money. This causes him to be very absent in his children's lives and eventually becomes the fuel for the bitterness of his divorce.

Lisa Sanderson

     Kasandra and Kenneth's mother and homemaker of the family, Lisa is by far the most psychologically unhealthy of their entire family. After witnessing horrible tragedy first hand as a child, she is still too devastated to talk about it. As a result, it has caused her own family to suffer until it completely crumbles beneath her feet, thereby leaving her own children just as depressed and psychologically unhealthy as she is.


     Lisa's older brother and uncle to Kasandra and Kenneth, Samson is the only other one in the family to know exactly what Lisa has been through. Though a very minor character, he is the main source of dependable support for his traumatized sister.


     Alexander's boss and good friend, Janel has proven to be his main support at work. However, she is unaware that she is also the one constantly accused of having an affair with him by Lisa herself, despite there being no foundation for it.


     A very minor human character who runs one of the front desks at the downtown police station. Though very experienced behind the front desk in many other departments, he is still a novice within the secret magicals department. Because of this, it doesn't take long for him to find himself facing the very real dangers of the magical community.


     Despite being a minor character in this book, Grant holds the potential to be a lot more in future books within this series. An experienced nymph with blue hair, blue eyes, and ivory blue skin, he is one of the head detectives within the magicals department of the downtown police station. Despite being a nymph, he is not afraid of vampires as well as very calm and unaffected when standing within their hungry, beastly stare.


     Grant's partner at the downtown police station and a born vampire, Alan is no where near as experienced as Grant when it comes to police work. However, this does not mean he is inexperienced in general. Having been raised most of his life within a coven on Sarvannia, he is well aware and experienced in the dealings of unruly vampires, thereby giving him an edge most of his coworkers cannot claim. Because of this, Alan is destined to become a major character within this series.