Probably the most mysterious, obviously secretive, and bluntly honest of all the characters within The Blood Fangs Series, Shakira is truly one that is practically guaranteed to leave you guessing. Often showing up when you least expect it, even able to sneak up on anyone without being detected, she has a wisdom about her that is indisputable, especially as you grow to know her. Or at least what she is willing to reveal. Her voice is as soft as powered snow and yet thick with untold wisdom that only comes from years of experience, and a gentle smile that is filled with a lovingness that is truly genuine. The kind of voice and smile you would expect from a sweet grandmother you always enjoy visiting. Traveling in a majestic gypsy caravan with bright, earthy, springtime colors with a magnificent black and white Gypsy Vanner horse called Benjamin hitched at the front, she can appear just as fitting as she does out-of-place wherever she goes. And yet, it is very easy to trust her no matter how many times your trust has been shattered.

     She has loosely-curled hair streaked with midnight black and golden blonde, eyes like a rainbow of all shades of blue, ivory skin that is flawless, and a long slender body that is a perfect mix between the muscular charm of the vampire species and the natural ideal figure of the supermodel well-known among the sorcerer species, thereby making her just as gorgeous as she is mysterious. Her attire is also just as peculiar and strangely beautiful as she is. Her typical shirt is a white off-the-shoulder blouse with the ends of the sleeves cinched just above her elbows, and an open-bodice corset-styled vest on top that is a shade of pink almost identical to the color of new fruit blossoms not yet fully bloomed. Her typical skirt flows out from her hips into a loose full-skirt that goes down to her ankles and weaved with varying shades of light blue and lavender. A sheer vibrant green hooded cloak is often loosely tied around her neck with the edge of the hood a couple inches back from her hairline.

     Then there is her jewelry. She often wears gold hoop earrings and layers of gold bracelets and anklets that  soothingly and musically clank together as she moves. However, the two things she always has on her are her gold chain and disk styled headband that rested across her forehead, dangling an emerald just above the bridge of her nose, and a double band gold ring that holds a small pure emerald crystal on her left middle finger. Finally, her bare feet are often decorated with gold chains and jewels that match her skirt and vest stretched across the tops that look very much like jeweled sandals without the soles. Though her overall, gypsy-like appearance is very queer to say the least, it somehow always looks right on her, thereby emphasized her unspoken wisdom. So it is not hard to understand that you will never know when or why she will show up next.