A chiefdom is defined as a group of clans governed by either a chief or chieftess, with the majority of the clans being either of the upper or middle class within sorcerer society. This then defines them as either an upper or middle class chiefdom, with the upper class chiefdoms holding the most power within sorcerer society.

     Chiefdoms make up the very structure of sorcerer society, especially within the political scene. Since every clan has their own leader, the clan leaders within a chiefdom make up the panel. The strongest, wealthiest, and socially highest of these clan leaders then becomes the head of this panel. In other words, their chief or chieftess, and they always have the last word within the chiefdom. What makes chiefdoms so powerful is their place within the sorcerers’ political scene. In order to have any say within their government, you must be the chief or chieftess of a chiefdom. Therefore, being a part of a chiefdom is essential if you wish to have any say within their politics. This is only one of many reasons why sorcerers never want to find themselves within the lower class.