Count Class

     This is the vampire equivalent to a royalty class, and therefore has the strongest vampires of their entire species, more or less of the full-fledged vampires. A full-fledged vampire is a vampire whose very DNA at birth predestines them for a beast that is capable of providing them a higher level of power and skill than they would normally have access to, if ever their current situation calls for it. The king and queen of the vampires are always from the count class, and are therefore rightfully titled The Count and Countess. Depending on the situation, when one of them is being addressed, they are called either Count, Countess, or Your Excellency. The count class consists of about five percent of the entire vampire population, and is therefore the most coveted, respected, and feared of all the vampire classes.

     They have all of the powers and abilities the vampire species is known for, and are the strongest, most flexible, and most naturally perfect than any other vampire class today. Because of this, it is completely unheard of outside of theory and legend for a turned vampire to ever enter the count class, even after becoming an undead. This is probably why it is very common for count vampires to call all turned vampires as well as the entire mutated class "magicless mutants." Magicless mutant is a cruel name for the mutated vampire that is meant to hint at the fact that technically, by definition, they are not considered full-fledged, and therefore are the weakest class of vampire that may as well be deemed as magicless. So when a count vampire uses this name on all turned vampires despite their class, it creates an even bigger insult that it originally was meant to imply.

     Like all vampire classes, the count vampire has a unique look to them. Their hair is a jet black that is blacker than the hair of the noble class with a shimmering navy blue highlight, and their eyes are a dark sapphire blue that almost look navy. With cool porcelain skin that is almost albino and majestic supernatural looks that far surpass perfection, everything about them is simply magical. This includes their seductive allure that is so perfectly powerful that you will not even realize that you are merely under their spell. This makes their seduction near impossible to resist or break free of without the vampire wanting you to. They have eight fangs and typically need to drink a large glass of blood every one to two hours starting when they first wake up in the morning in order to stay strong and healthy. Also, when the beast emerges, their eyes will dilate completely until their is not even any white left, thereby making their eyes look like glossy black orbs that are somehow captivating.

     Like with all full-fledged vampires, the beast is completely independently driven by its own unique instincts that are separate from the vampire's intellectual mind. This means, that when the beast emerges it has the ability to take full charge of the vampire's body, thereby causing them to run purely on their predatory instincts without logical thought or conscious reasoning. For the born vampire, control of the beast in the count class is usually gained sometime between late adolescence to early adulthood. This is one factor that is a little different for a count vampire that is predestined to be either The Count or The Countess, and it all boils down to fiery rage. Fiery rage is a superior level of energetic strength and power that all full-fledged vampires, be they born or turned, are capable of reaching. Depending on your class, the activation of fiery rage through the beast's ultimate height of passion and rage can figuratively be like the sting of a bee or a wasp. Because of this, it also portrays itself differently within each class. For the count class, activating fiery rage is like the sting of a wasp. The potentially deadly explosion of power, strength, and force that will radiate outwards from their body will not kill them because they are literally physically made for it.

     When fiery rage is activated in a count vampire, the first thing that happens is their internal energy that normally lies dormant within them starts to multiply and blow around them, kind of like an electric breeze that only they can feel. This causes their clothing and hair to dance about them as if in their own wind while small electric shocks zap randomly about them, almost as if their very body is electrically charging. Then their dilated eyes will start to glow a bright scarlet red. This red glow will start at the center point of the eye and swirl outward like a whirlpool until the entire eye is visually consumed by it. Finally, starting at the roots and spreading down to the tips, their hair will turn a bright scarlet red with a beautiful sheen to it that will perfectly match their red glowing eyes. At this point their full potential is reached, and upon the vampire's command will explode outward from them as mentioned before, thereby causing fatalities within the non-vampires as well as critically wound and weaken the vampires that are around them. Then, if the vampire desires, they can throw outwards from themselves a deadly ring of magical flames that will completely consume everything and everyone it touches, while at the same time will cause no harm to the count vampire that created it.

     As mentioned before, when this process takes place in a count vampire that is predestined to be either The Count or The Countess for the first time, there is a difference that usually isn't outwardly obvious until afterwards. Just like with any count vampire, they will energetically charge to full potential. At this point, however, one more subtle physical change will take place in response to the massive internal change that has happened. This is when the count vampire physically and magically surpasses their class to become either The Count or The Countess, and the beast within them will instinctively realize it when this happens. The vampire and the beast, of which up until now have been naturally internally split into two beings within the same body, will start to merge. Though the beast will always be uniquely independent from the vampire, this internal fusion will make these two beings one and the same.

     Basically, they go from the typical Dr. Jekyll/Mr.Hyde relationship that eventually must find an internal balance of control in order to thrive, to nothing more than two unique personalities and faces of the same person. When this happens, their fangs will permanently change shape. They will transform from the fairly straight and normal looking teeth that just happen to be sharp fangs that can extend, into beautifully curved, dangerously alluring, and potentially petrifying fangs that when extended look exactly like eight large snake fangs. Once this fusion happens, the new Count or Countess is finally ready to use their naturally born fiery rage. The big difference here is The Count and The Countess are the only vampires that can consciously choose how much of their built up energy and rage will explode outwards. This allows them the unique ability to personally decide just how much harm and damage they wish to cause within that moment. Finally, when the moment settles, the count vampire will return to their original state. However, for The Count and The Countess, from the moment of their internal fusion, a transparent scarlet red sheen will always reside within their hair and eyes. Their fangs will also forever remain snake like, even when they are completely retracted. This, therefore, makes recognizing The Count and Countess extremely easy.