Dragon Country

Main Continent:

Dragon Country

     Dragon Country has two very distinct characteristics, both influencing this region in its own way. The biggest characteristic, though not always the most obvious, is Dragon Volcano. More accurately, it is the massive magma chamber just below the planet’s surface. Almost as big as the circle of mountains that make up Dragon Belt, the very heat of it fuels the tropical climate this region is uniquely known for, especially the lush jungle known as Dragon Valley. This is because it keeps all fresh water within range at the very least lukewarm, thereby enabling it to run close to and on the planet’s surface without freezing year-round. Underground water within this region can get burning hot, even turn to steam in some areas. This is deadly hot for the cold-adapted beings that inhabit Sarvannia. Only a few Earth minutes of exposure can prove fatal to most.

     The most well-known of these rivers is Eastern Springs, the massive river that acts as Dragon Country’s only land border, as it is the largest collection of liquid fresh water on the surface of Sarvannia. Having said that it is no mystery there are countless smaller rivers, streams, and creeks mazing throughout this entire region, both above and below ground. This is especially true in Dragon Valley. Despite the fact that only a small fraction of these creeks and streams weave in and out of the surface of Dragon Belt, they are not difficult to find so long as you know where to look.

     The second and most obvious characteristic is the dragons that call this region home. In fact, they are so numerous and the variety of breeds so vast this region is an unofficial sanctuary for them. Although dragons are one of the most peaceful creatures in the universe, their quick and potentially fatal attacks if ever they feel threatened has caused Dragon Country to be one of the least populated regions on Sarvannia. This is also the location of Devil’s Lair, the official home of the Devil’s royal family and the dragons are like family to them.

     The Devil, Deviless, and their entire bloodline are probably the most overlooked royal family on all of Sarvannia despite being the most influential. Their influence stems from the fact that they are the guardians and overseers of the Underworld by blood. The Underworld is located below Devil’s Lair between Dragon Volcano’s massive magma chamber and the magma layer of the planet. With no physical means to or from the Underworld, the only way to access it without dying is through the magical blood connection between the Devil’s bloodline and their inherited duty to the Underworld. Not everyone within the Devil’s bloodline is born with this blood connection, but those who are have an inescapable lifelong duty to the Underworld. Because of this, most if not all who live within this region are somehow related to the Devil’s royal family.