Elves have been viewed in many contradicting ways in build alone, more or less their other features. For example, the miniaturized versions of Santa's elves verses the much taller elves from J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings series. Even the shape and length of their ears are widely debated, despite most agreeing that pointed ears are their main defining physical feature. So how about we clear up some the confusion on their appearance. Standing between ten and eleven feet tall, they have a medium frame with a broad build and undefined features. Though they don't have the supermodel potential of the sorcerer species, or the hidden and understated super-powered muscles of the vampire species, this allows them to build up their bodies much like Earth's natural bodybuilders and professional wrestlers. As a result, their physical abilities rest comfortably between the vampire and sorcerer's opposing physical extremes. They have bright red hair; green eyes that are often bright, ageless, and filled with wisdom; and a neutral olive skin tone that rarely burns but easily tans. One feature about elves that is rarely known by humans is their sharp teeth. Though they may look perfectly normal, all of their teeth are just as sharp as a vampire's fangs, thereby giving them the ability to easily cause serious injury by biting.