When you think about it, the wide variety of opinions humans have when it comes to an elf's ears can almost be mind boggling, as the possibilities can seem endless. So allow me to clear up the confusion. The point of an elf's ears is always very defined, though the length of that point can vary. The reason for this variety is, just like the vampire's fangs, the length of an elf's ears is a direct reflection of the elf's magical power and the potential strength of their physical body. To put it simply, the shorter the point of an elf's ears, the weaker they are. The longer the point of an elf's ears, the stronger they are. The weakest of elves have ears about the same size as any other human or magical. This is what is called having no length points. The strongest of elves have what is called full length points. This means the length of the point of an elf's ears, of which is measured from where the top of the ear would normally be to the tip of the point, is a foot long. No matter the length, this has caused the ears of the elf species to evolve. The outer ear is more wide and cupped. Combined with their length, this makes it a lot easier for the elf to pick up on sound waves even from twenty miles away and angle them into their inner ear. Because of this, their inner ear evolved to allow them to hear higher and lower pitches of sound that are inaudible to the ears of humans and most magicals.