Eastern Prairie

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Eastern Prairie

     Eastern Prairie is one of the two regions that rest along the thick tree line that borders Eastern Springs, Dragon Country’s only land border. This region has two unique areas, both easily recognized by their unique climate. The majority of this region is prairie land. In comparison, it looks a great deal like the tallgrass prairie of the United States. With vast flatlands and a wide variety of wild grasses that can easily reach your shoulder if not tower over your head, the only place you can find full-sized trees is within walking distance of Dragon Country’s border.

     There are two reasons for this. The first is the close proximity of Eastern Springs, the largest collection of liquid fresh water on the surface of Sarvannia. This not only gives easy access to water but keeps the soil fertile thereby providing the necessary nutrients. The second reason is the trees themselves. You see, wind gusts can get very brutal here because of the massive mountains that border most of this region, thereby creating a funneling effect. This greatly emphasizes the strength and speed of any winds, especially during the winter. These winds can get so powerful they can rip up full grown trees by their roots, hence why most trees here look more like small shrubs. However, the thick tree line that borders Eastern Springs acts as a buffer to that wind, thereby enabling full-sized trees to grow and thrive.

     The most western part of Eastern Prairie is called Snow Dunes. There are two major factors that influence this unique climate. The first is it is too far from Dragon Country to feel its warming influence. The second is the mountains of Risky Range that curl around it. This creates a pocket where warmer air can settle but also encourages regular snow storms. As a result, flurries of powdered snow have swirled and collected here for countless years, thereby creating and maintaining numerous snow dunes that are almost exactly like Earth’s sand dunes.

     The main influence in this region is the vampire royalty, The Count and Countess. Because of this the sorcerer species rarely lives within this region, as vampires and sorcerers have hated and battled each other for years. Avoidance is the only reliable and time proven method for peace between these bitter rivals, hence why they purposefully avoid each other’s regions.