Just like all magicals in the casters rank, enchanters look very human like, but what does this actually mean? The biggest difference between magicals and humans when it comes to appearance is the perfection of their looks. Magicals have an airbrushed beauty about them that can only be described as mystical and fault-free. Humans on the other hand do not have this feature, and therefore are unable to escape their physical imperfections. Because of this, humans are seen as the ugliest of all beings, not to mention the weakest due to not being magical and physically frail. However, it is undeniable among the magical community that the humans' fault-filled appearance has a strange but natural beauty to it that is in no way mystical, and this naturalness to their beauty is sometimes coveted by magicals.

     So when a magical is defined as looking human like, it means that their natural physical makeup is imperfect, thereby giving them a physical imperfection mixed with the airbrushed beauty of the magicals. This puts them in an awkward middle ground where they have the fault-filled appearance of the human mixed with the mystical appearance of the magical, thereby robbing them of either beauty. Enchanters stand around nine feet tall, have a medium skin tone that can range anywhere from light to dark tan, medium to dark brown hair, and bluish green hazel eyes. Their curves are undefined, and they have a small but broad build. Finally, their senses are no better than humans, and their physical abilities are only just noticeably better than the most physically capable human alive today.