Enchanted Woodlands

Main Continent:

Enchanted Woodlands

     By far the most mysterious of all the regions, Enchanted Woodlands is easily the most avoided inhabited region on all of Sarvannia. Ironically, this region is also the most densely populated both in creatures and in people. Completely surrounded in salt water, crossing the Hypnotic Waters that lines its entire land border is the least of your worries. The most well-known of these dangers are the unicorns that call this region home. Despite the many tails and stories that have painted these beautiful creatures as pure of heart, they are the farthest thing from it. In fact, they are the most brutal, vicious, and quick tempered creatures in the known universe today. As the saying goes, “They would rather ram you through with their magical horn than give you the time of day.” This is all too true.

     There are many other dangers as well, some more well-known than others. In fact, there is no dispute that at least half of these dangers are not known at all by those who have never set foot within this region, as those who have entered this region never speak of them. Probably one of the most obvious dangers of this region is the pixies. Unlike their peaceful cousins, the fairies, pixies are like a wasps nest. They are quick to anger and will swarm you with such intensity it can become fatal very fast. Very few species are friends with these four-feet-tall beings, and even they know to be careful not to offend or anger them.

     Probably the most overlooked of Enchanted Woodlands known dangers is the nymphs due to their quiet, skittish, and peaceful reputation. Most nymphs would rather hide from danger than confront it and their odd coloring makes this extremely easy, especially within the safety of the Enchanted Woodlands. However, do not let their wariness fool you as they can be just as dangerous as the pixies if pushed too far.

     Remember the fierce unicorns? Well the nymphs are so unusually gentle and kind they can pacify even the most wild of beasts, including the unicorns. Because of this all the creatures of Enchanted Woodlands are extremely loyal to and protective of the nymphs. As a result, they will willingly lay down their life for them. This is also why even the most cold-hearted and ill-tempered vampire cannot raise a hand to a nymph and instead will treat them like a priceless porcelain doll. The fact that they are also the vampire’s most nutritious food source is merely added reason to treat them with infinite respect.

     Ruled by the nymphs, pixies, witches, and warlocks, all four of these magical species find protection and security within Enchanted Woodlands. This is their home and therefore will forcefully protect it as a unit through any means necessary, even if there is no immediate threat. So you can understand why this densely populated region is persistently avoided by the other magicals no matter what the cost.