For as long as their species has existed, enchanters and enchantresses have been called "enchanted humans" by other magicals, especially those from the powerhouse ranking. Enchanted humans is a cruel name that means a weakling human that just happens to be able to perform enchantments. What makes this name so cruel is despite looking very human-like, the enchanter species is in no way biologically related to humans. In all actuality, they are physically much stronger and more durable than humans could ever be simply because they are an average magical. Therefore calling them "enchanted humans" is very degrading. Joined together with the witch and warlock, these three magical species are known as the casters rank on Sarvannia. This is the main page of the enchanter third of Sarvannia's casters, and therefore will be the center point of all information regarding enchanters.

About Enchanters

     Because of their human-like appearance, enchanters are often underestimated. However, anyone who has felt the power and wrath of an enchanter or enchantress knows that underestimating them is a huge mistake. A lot of humans have defined enchanters as either someone whose very enchanting or a wizard: for example Merlin, or Gandalf from J.R.R Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings series. Neither of these definitions comes even close to properly describing what the enchanter species is really all about. So if you wish to learn more, just click on one of the following links to get started.

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