Magical Abilities

     Enchanters and enchantresses are your enchantments experts. They are the magical species capable of being born with the ability to perform ancient level enchantments. However, even if they are not born with this, they are capable of learning and perfecting enchantments all the way through the graduate levels. Because of enchantments being so much stronger and harder to perform than spells, this gives the enchanters an extra boost in spells. Though they usually keep to basic and specialty level spells, enchanters can easily learn all of the graduate levels and, if their bloodline is strong enough, can even learn some ancient level spells. The benefit of an enchanter or enchantress choosing to instead stay with spell levels one through ten is their power and length, Even compared to the sorcerer, enchanters are capable of performing these lower level spells with a power and length otherwise unheard of. As a result of their extreme talent for enchantments and spells, they are hired as Enchantments Experts by magical beings across the universe, especially by royalty, coven leaders, and government officials.