Though their physical and magical abilities are no where near as strong and extreme as the vampire's or sorcerer's, their abilities rest comfortably between these two extremes. This, therefore, minimizes their general weaknesses to almost nonexistent. For example, in war where vampires are your close range fighters and sorcerers are your long range fighters, elves are just as capable at either one. This allows them to learn both close and long range fighting skills that makes them extremely well-rounded on the battle field. Their only true weakness is their logical minds combined with their desire for peace. Though their strong minds and vast wisdom is deeply loved and often coveted, it can make it difficult for them to grasp illogical or abstract concepts, ideas, and facts. Also, with their main focus on maintaining peace, it can cause them to be blind to the quiet suffering of other species, but it can also cause them to go to unprovoked extremes in the name of maintaining their desired peace.