Fairies are easily the most gentle and peaceful of all beings. They are so gentle they could never cause harm to anyone or anything. Regardless of their inability to fight, they are by no means an easy target as they have countless defenses and several allies. Of all their allies, pixies are the fiercest. Despite their many similarities, fairies and pixies are two totally different species and easily get offended by being labeled incorrectly. Though fairies are the most commonly seen and talked about, pixies are by no means any lesser or weaker. They are simply different. By far the smallest, fairies and pixies are easily the most sly, clever, and slippery of all magical species, and this is not just because of their size. Their most widely known trait is an ability to cross what is known as the veil.

     The veil is most easily defined as an invisible barrier between two dimensions. In a way, what lies beyond the veil can be seen as a parallel dimension, though I am using this term very loosely. Those who can cross the veil can see both of these dimensions simultaneously as if they are one dimension while still being able to tell one from the other. They can even interact with each other across the veil. Though their universes are exactly alike in the physical sense, these two dimensions sustain completely different species and are, in a way, two totally different worlds unknowingly living alongside each other. Joined together with the nymph and pixie, these three magical species are known as the unique rank on Sarvannia. This is the main page of the fairy third of Sarvannia's unique, and therefore will be the center point of all information regarding fairies.

About Fairies

     Fairies are easily the most peaceful beings on all of Sarvannia, so peaceful they would never harm a fly more or less any other living creature. You would think this trait would leave them highly vulnerable to attacks, but do not let this fool you. To start with they have a seemingly endless array of harmless defenses that makes them one of the most slippery living beings on Sarvannia today. Combined with their ability to cross the veil, they can disappear completely within seconds. However, this is not their only source of protection. If ever the time comes where fighting is unavoidable they have an ancient allegiance that will protect them every time.

     Known simply as “The Treaty”, the centaurs have been their passionately devoted warriors since ancient times. Not only has The Treaty saved them from extinction a thousand times over but it has been in effect so long nobody knows for sure when, how, or why it was forged. The Treaty combined with their countless defenses has allowed the fairies to be the most well-known and social species of the unique rank. Despite this, they still hold their secrets which makes them just as if not more mysterious as the nymphs and pixies.

     Potentially their most widely known characteristic is their ability to change size. In other words, every fairy has two different heights they can switch between at will. This is one of the biggest physical differences between fairies and pixies, as fairies are the only magical species capable of changing their size. To learn more, just click on one of the following links to get started.

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