Their most widely known characteristic is their youthful appearance. This is because they have a unique ability to choose when and how they age, so they only mature in looks if they want to. This can also go in reverse. If they allowed their body to mature and age but later wish to reclaim their youthful appearance, they can. The only limit to this is they can only look as old as they really are and cannot make themselves look any younger than a fully mature adolescent. This is to ensure their young will always physically age and mature naturally without interference. Despite their ability to physically choose when and how they age, this does not affect their mental maturity. On the contrary, it can actually encourage their mental maturity though nobody knows for sure why this is. A lesser known characteristic, but easily their most defining, is their unique relationship with the earth, especially plant life. They are more effective than any fertilizer, can breathe life back into any plant, and have been called the protectors of the earth.