Head Count Coven (HCC)

Logo of the Head Count Coven.

     The Head Count Coven, or HCC, is the top coven of the entire vampire community on Sarvannia. As a result, all vampires treat this coven with deep respect as they hold great knowledge, power, and wealth. This is an upper class clan that houses vampires of the count class as well as many of the stronger and more wealthy vampires of the noble class. This is also the home of The Count and The Countess, as well as their immediate family. By default, this also makes The Countess the Coven Leader and The Count the Head Warrior. This is why their coven's logo showcases the eight-pointed star of the royalty and is the reasoning for their coven's chosen name. Because of their high social status, it is unfortunately not unusual for this coven to be very snobbish and, at time, even cruel towards the lower class, weaker species, and sorcerers. So it is easy to understand why they are as equally feared by the magical community as they are respected.

HCC Mansion

The mansion of the Head Count Coven. Most commonly know as HCC Mansion.

   HCC Mansion is the home of the Head Count Coven, and therefore is the most elegant and well-maintained of all of Sarvannia's vampire coven mansions. It is expertly built and has a beautifully ancient yet modernized look to it. With white marble for the mansion's structure, midnight black shingle roofs, and scarlet red bordering, this carefully crafted masterpiece has easily stood the test of time. The many towers, spears, and delicately carved accents into the very marble itself gives the mansion a kind of palace-like look to it that is very fitting.

     When first approaching HCC Mansion, you would first come upon the large stone wall and iron gates that surrounds all of the HCC's owned property. The stone wall stands about forty feet tall and is formed out of large grey rocks that were ground down on either side of the wall to give it a very smooth and polished look. The iron gates arch to a height of about forty-five feet tall, and is fashioned with black, red, and gold stained iron. These were then welded together and stained over again, thereby permanently staining both gates with the HCC logo. Once the gates part, the next thing you notice is the vast grounds and stone road. 

     Unlike the rough and bumpy stone roads humans are most familiar with, these large stones are packed tightly together, ground down flat, and smoothed over so perfectly that it is even smoother than concrete and asphalt. The road has a long and wide single road that allows even the large royalty carriages to pass by each other with ease. At the end of this road it curves into a large oval shape that brings the carriages right up to the front steps of the HCC Mansion. From there you can either follow the curve of the road to head back out the iron gates, or you can pull off into the large specialized area for carriages and horses. The grounds span out in all directions for acres and acres, and has large shade trees carefully spaced throughout the grounds.

     As you stand before HCC Mansion for the first time, it can leave you feeling in awe of its regal sophistication and style. The entire mansion is symmetrical and is built with a blend of ancient enchantments and potions to make it reflect the moon's light, thereby making it appear at times as if it is glowing. To approach it, you must walk the long stone and marble front staircase that slowly angles inward the farther up you go. Once these steps reach the stone and marble front porch, the front double doors will be standing before you. Fashioned out of an oak-like wood and stained a glossy mahogany brown, this arched doorway is simple yet elegant. Carved and painted into each door is the HCC logo, and below that in the middle of each door is a finely-polished, black iron ring. To either side of the front doors stands a warrior of the cloven. Their task is to ensure only HCC members and invited guests are allowed in. If they are permitted to enter, than each warrior will grab a ring and pull the doors open for them. This is a very common practice among Sarvannia's vampire covens, as it not only provides protection but is also a sign of respect.

     Inside of HCC Mansion you would immediately notice three things. The first is the layout of the different floors have also been built very symmetrical, thereby creating a sense of order among the mansion's time-honored style. The second is the mansion has been built to create two very different sections. The front section is more built to welcome visitors and new members to the coven. This is especially true on the first and second floors. The back section, especially on the upper and lower floors, is more built towards the privacy and every day livings of the HCC members. Finally, and probably the most obvious, is the inside of HCC Mansion is just as elegant, sophisticated, ancient, and well-maintained as the outside, if not more so.

     The overall style of the inside is very uniformed despite varying from room to room. The walls and floors are fashioned out of white marble. The floors are decorated with gold designs that are embedded into the marble, and the walls are decorated with gold, red, and black accented bordering and ancient decor that still looks new. The different rooms and hallways are also filled and decorated with gold, red, and black accented ancient decor and furniture that still looks new. The ceiling is painted with gorgeous red and black abstract pictures that seem to seamlessly flow from one painting to another. To light up most of the mansion they have gold and crystal chandeliers that hold many spelled candles that never drip or loose any wax. The crystals are made to reflect the candles' soft light throughout a large space, even entire rooms, to give them a simple yet glamorous light.

     To cover the windows during the daylight hours, there are double curtains. The first curtain closest to the window is a sheer white to reflect the sun's razes and heat. The second curtain is a simple thick black with gold trim that blocks out all of the sun's light. This way, the entire mansion is usable to all HCC members, including undeads, at all hours of the day and night. Finally, the staircases have a sense of grace to them that really ties everything together. With delicately fashioned polished black iron and glossy mahogany-stained wood for the handrails, these white marble staircases have an undeniably simplistic beauty. Each flight of stairs is as follows. The lower half flairs out at the bottom and curves inward to meet a midpoint landing where you turn ninety-degrees to either side. That is where the two upper halves then curl upwards a quarter turn to reach the next floor, thereby placing them on either side of the next flight of stairs. Combined together with the rest of the mansion's elegance and beauty, it creates an upper class sophistication and style that is near impossible to not fall in love with.