Main Floor

Floor plan for the main or first floor of the HCC Mansion.

     Because of being the main area for the public eye, this floor is even more grand than most of the HCC Mansion. This is also why it shows the two very different sections of the HCC Mansion better than any other floor, as the grand entrance and hallway is literally cut off from the main hallway by means of a second elegant double door that perfectly matches the front door, minus the HCC logo. This double door also has two warriors on either side to ensure only those permitted are allowed in. With arched doorways and windows, each room and section of the mansion welcomes you with a simplistic beauty that perfectly balances its ancient glamour.

     The grand ballroom and grand dining hall entrances also have elegant double doors that match the front door, minus the HCC logo. These doors are kept shut at all times, unless visitors are being welcomed in for scheduled events such as dinner parties, balls, or viewings with The Count and/or The Countess. The throne room has a double door that opens up to the main hallway. This room also has a magically retractable wall between it and the grand ballroom. This allows them to choose whether they want this room cut off from or opened up to the grand ballroom. The vaulted sitting room and study have two open doorways, one for each hallway, so they are kept open and welcoming for HCC members and visitors alike.

     The royalty only sitting room and study both open to the main hallway only by means of a single door that is also kept shut at all times. These rooms are, as the title implies, for royalty only. This way, the royalty is able to relax and socialize separated from everyone else. The only non-royalty allowed within royalty only rooms are the few servants the royalty have personally permitted to clean, maintain, and serve the royalty within these rooms. Even the lavatories, or bathrooms, are divided into "common" and royalty only.

     The main dining hall is where HCC members and overnight guests eat outside of scheduled events, and therefore is the typical place for every day meals. The grand kitchen, therefore, is built to accommodate both. The main double doors to the kitchen open up the main hallway, and freely swing open in either direction. This is to make serving from the kitchen much easier while still keeping it somewhat blocked off. On the opposite wall there is a single swinging door in the far corner and a serving window that can be easily opened to make serving out food to the invited guests much quicker. There is also a large, walk-in coat closet that easily accommodates coats for both HCC members and invited guests. Therefore, this room only opens up to the grand hallway.

     Finally, there is the two libraries. The one is the main library opened to all HCC members. The other is a royalty only library. Though these two libraries are very much alike, the royalty library has many books that the main library is not permitted to have. Both libraries have two stories with double doors that open up to both floors. These rooms are filled with bookshelves, with the far end of both floors closest to the windows holding a comfortable lounge-like area for quiet reading.