Second Floor

Floor plan for the second floor of the HCC Mansion.

     The second floor is mostly a guest area, for this is where any overnight guests are roomed for the night. On the one side you have the bedrooms, lounge, and lavatories for "common" guests. On the other you have the bedrooms, lounge, and lavatories for royalty only guests. These rooms are, as the title implies, for royalty only. This way, the royalty is able to relax and socialize separated from everyone else. The only non-royalty allowed within royalty only rooms are the few servants the royalty have personally permitted to clean, maintain, and serve the royalty within these rooms.

     The lounges are not strictly for overnight guests. These rooms are also for HCC members and Count royalty. This is also the floor where the laundry room is located. That way, it is very easy for guests to request to have their own laundry done by the HCC Mansion's servants during their stay. Another thing you might notice is the front part of the HCC Mansion is grayed out. This is because of the two and three story vaulted ceilings within these areas, thereby making them inaccessible on this floor. Finally, as mentioned on the main floor, the two-story libraries are also completely accessible on this floor.