Third Floor

Floor plan for the third floor of the HCC Mansion.

     The third floor is the first of the two floors that are strictly used for HCC member bedrooms and lavatories. Because of this it is not as grand as the first two floors, though still awe-inspiring nonetheless. The Count, The Countess, and their immediate family are given the royal suites. These have a bedroom, lavatory, lounge, walk-in closet, and even a small side room for a personal servant or nursemaid. A personal servant is a servant whose only task is to take care of that royal's suite and serve them as needed. A nursemaid is just like a personal servant, except their primary duty above all others is to take care of any infants, toddlers, or young children the royalty of that suite may have. Finally, as mentioned on the second floor, due to the vaulted ceilings of the grand ballroom and the grand dining hall, these areas are inaccessible on this floor.