Carlos is the twin brother of William and son to The Count and The Countess. Despite being a part of the count class by blood as well as vampire royalty and a highly decorated warrior within the magical community, he is treated as nothing more than a servant within the Head Count Coven, initialed HCC. Despised by his brother and all but disowned by his parents, he is left alone without anyone to confide within. No one, that is, until necromancer Shakira enters his life.

     An outcast in her own right, Shakira becomes the center of his world, the only other person besides his family that knows his deepest secret and the only one who openly respects him for it. Eventually, this leads to him practically being her warrior and gaining the courage to claim what is rightfully his. However, a series of unforeseen events will put this kind, intellectual, and honorable warrior to the ultimate test of love and respect. Will he carve his own path, or take the well-traveled road of his family heritage?