Synopsis of Hidden Secrets

The Blood Fangs Series:

Book Two

     Just when it seems everything has settled and gained a sense of normalcy, an unexpected find will reveal the unavoidable dangers awaiting them just around the corner. After ten Earth years of healing, Kenneth joins his younger sister Kasandra and Coven Leader Alan within the coven's library to learn more about the Blood Family Coven's history. There, he happens upon an unknown record on the mysterious sisters known as Coven Leader Savannah and Head Warrior Shakira. Written and bound by Shakira herself, the sisters' secrets will finally start to unfold.

     As she takes the reader step by step through the tragedies and mistakes that shaped the sisters into who they are today, the roles of fate and destiny within our lives is forever redefined. With the introduction of people from their past, it eventually becomes clear that faces from the past do not always stay within the past where they belong, and potentially can redefine your future forever. Even more treacherous is the revelation of The Blood Fangs true power and influence within the magical community. A revelation so massive that it leaves them all questioning about their future and fearful of the potential danger. Add in the holes that leave the autobiography not as complete as it may first seem, and you cannot help but wonder how much these Hidden Secrets, both the revealed and not revealed, will influence the future of all the lives involved.

     The second book in The Blood Fangs Series, it is the first formal introduction into the heart of the magical community, the planet Sarvannia. Following suit with the first book, Hidden Secrets continues to touch on unfortunate life experiences that can forever change all the lives involved.

     Due to the very message of this book, if being read to or by anyone under the age of fourteen, adult participation and parental involvement is highly recommended.