Kasandra Sanderson

     Newly-turned vampire Kasandra Sanderson and her brother Kenneth are now proud members of the Blood Family Coven, initialed BFC. She has helped Coven Leader Alan with building back up the BFC as well as tending to her bed-ridden brother. In return, Alan has been teaching her all about the various types of magic and the wide variety of magical species. Once her brother is back to health, Alan takes them both to the restricted archives section of the coven's library to learn more about its vast history. It is at this time that Kasandra's world is once again turned upside-down, only this time it is through the confessions of another: Shakira!

     Through the pages of a book, Shakira finally reveals her and her sister's Hidden Secrets. These secrets not only alter everything the BFC thought they knew about them, but reveals the true dangers the BFC will eventually face. It confirms the one thing Kasandra, Kenneth, and Alan have all dreaded: The Blood Fangs are not dead! Rather, The Blood Fangs' biggest challenge still lies ahead for the BFC. Having been the one who made the reclaiming of the BFC as well as the death of Heart Stopper, or Savannah, possible in the first place, Kasandra knows she will be The Blood Fangs' main target. Her very future as well as the health and well-being of her new coven family has never looked so grim.