Kenneth Sanderson

     After being bed-ridden for nearly ten Earth years, undead vampire Kenneth Sanderson and his sister Kasandra are now proud members of the Blood Family Coven, initialed BFC. With a healthy appetite for knowledge on the magical community, he quickly starts to question Alan all about it. This is what leads up to Alan taking him and his sister to the restricted archives section of the coven's library to learn more about its vast history. By pure chance, it is at this time that Kenneth finds a high quality, handmade book that will once again turn their world upside-down, only this time it is through the confessions of another: Shakira!

     Through the pages of a book, Shakira finally reveals her and her sister's Hidden Secrets. These secrets not only alter everything the BFC thought they knew about them, but reveals the true dangers the BFC will eventually face. It confirms the one thing Kasandra, Kenneth, and Alan have all dreaded: The Blood Fangs are not dead! Rather, The Blood Fangs' biggest challenge still lies ahead for the BFC. Knowing full-well that Kasandra will be The Blood Fangs' main target and having always been her greatest support and protector, Kenneth is terrified that he will not be enough this time. Never before has Kenneth felt so helpless and inadequate within the caring of his sister.