Minor Characters


     Alan, the current Blood Family Coven Leader, is a normal vampire and son to the late Jacklyn. After spending many years on Earth, he has finally returned home to the Blood Family Coven, and none too soon. After the devastation left behind by The Blood Fangs, he has been left to pick up the pieces and regain the Blood Family Coven's reputation. Little does he realize, Shakira is about to rewrite his previous years growing up within the coven.


     Father to Shakira and Savannah, Richard David Narsant is a noble vampire and the previous Head Warrior to the Head Count Coven. Having never wanted for anything, his bold move to marry his one true love leaves him with no choice but to walk away from it all. Because of this, it only takes one tragedy to turn this "little slice of heaven" into a whirlwind of disaster and trauma.


     The wife of David and mother to sisters Shakira and Savannah, Alissa Narsant is a lower class pure blood sorceress that thrived growing up with nothing more than the love of her father and his farm. Despite having very little to call their own, with even their basic needs only just being met, she grew up happy and strong. In her eyes, taking the chance at marrying David, her one true love, was a risk worth dying for. As long as they had a loving future together, just like her parents did right up to the day her mother, also named Shakira, died, she cared not what that future entailed. Their "little slice of heaven" was all she ever truly wanted.

The Count

     The Count is the father of twin brothers Carlos and William and the sworn warrior of his wife, The Countess.

The Countess

     The Countess is the mother of twin brothers Carlos and William and the Head Count Coven Leader.


     A pure blood normal vampire, Jacklyn had a normal vampire mother, a mutant vampire father, and was married to her sworn normal vampire warrior. Mother to Alan and the previous Blood Family Coven Leader, she was about fifty years older than Shakira, the same age Shakira's mother would have been. Jacklyn was a strong advocate for providing a coven family for those vampires who have nowhere else to go. This is what leads her to accept Shakira and Savannah into her coven without question, never once suspecting the irreversible consequences of doing so.


     A mutant vampire who can be described as aggressive and shady. Having lived on the streets for an unknown amount of years, he has put together a gang of twenty mutant vampires, including himself, that all live on the streets. Together, they are extremely dangerous and not afraid to do just about anything to get their way.


     William Michael Delcore is the son of twin brother William, and therefore was honorably named after him. He is a count vampire with a small mix of sorcerer and has black hair with two blond streaks framing his face. Despite this, he is quickly beloved by all within the Head Count Coven and given anything he could ever want.