Savannah May Narsant

     A revelation she never wanted to happen, Savannah May Narsant's death marks the beginning of reclaiming a past she fought to forget. Through her ever insightful and beloved sister, Shakira, the story of her tragic past is finally told. Starting from the loving beginnings with her parents, it recounts the countless tragedies and sacrifices, and the devastating consequences of them, that eventually transformed Savannah into Heart Stopper.

     Coming from a marriage that culturally never should have existed, it was only a matter of time before her father snapped. It was by unfortunate coincidence that it was during Shakira's birth that the first of countless tragedies would befall them. Once they move to their father's old coven, twin brothers Carlos and William take their own roles within her and her sister's spiral of tragedy.

     Ever protective of her beloved sister, the growing intensity of the tragedies that plague them leave deeper and deeper scars. Eventually, this leads to the ultimate sacrifice that transformed her in ways neither she nor Shakira ever could have expected. A transformation that gave birth to the internal seed that grew into the founder and leader of The Blood Fangs, Heart Stopper. A growth that killed what remained of Savannah forever.