Shakira Alissa Narsant

     As a marker of her biggest challenge, Shakira Alissa Narsant finally documents her and her sister Savannah's secret past. A past filled with love, tragedy, loyalty, and mistakes that have all led up to Savannah's ultimate downfall. Racked with internal conflict and guilt, she documents everything she can bare to admit. Catch is, it is nowhere near all of her Hidden Secrets. Instead, it merely paints the picture of how The Blood Fangs came to be, when Savannah became Heart Stopper, and the creation of Shakira's unavoidable dishonor as a warrior.

     Coming from a marriage that culturally never should have existed, it was only a matter of time before her father snapped. It was by unfortunate coincidence that it was during Shakira's birth that the first of countless tragedies would befall them. Once they move to their father's old coven, twin brothers Carlos and William take their own roles within her and her sister's spiral of tragedy. This is what leads to Shakira making the one mistake that has redefined her and her sister's lives forever. Eventually, this leads up to Shakira leaving her father's coven to live as a hermit and traveling gypsy.

     It is during these travels that she stumbles upon a town close where the Blood Family Coven, initialed BFC, resides. After a chance meeting with the coven's then leader, Jacklyn, she visits the BFC for the first time. Quickly feeling comfortable among their coven of vampire misfits, she tries to restart her life. However, the unexpected arrival of her sister Savannah will resurface her past in a way that will once again leave a spiral of tragedy in its wake. This leaves her forced to chose between duty and loyalty for the final time, and neither choice will leave her future tragedy-free.