William is the twin brother of Carlos and favored son of The Count and The Countess. Growing up, these count class royal twins were co-conspirators within their uncontrollable trouble-making. With his brother as the brilliant strategy expert, William harbors the physical muscle and skill to pull off even the most daring of their planned schemes. As opposite in personality as they are physically identical, they worked together in perfect harmony. It seemed that there was nothing these two could not pull off nor any challenge they could not endure.

     Despite this loving relationship and powerful chemistry, unforeseen events and unchangeable circumstances has left William with a bitter grudge against his smarter twin brother. A grudge that has created a bottomless cavern that has all but destroyed any chance of them ever having a loving relationship ever again. This deep-seeded resentment fuels him in ways that will not only deepen the cavern between him and his brother, but will ultimately traumatize Savannah in a way no one else ever could.