All forms of magic are split into varying levels that identify the magic's strength and power, and these levels are then grouped into categories according to the type of magic you are referring to. For general and advanced magic, these levels are grouped into the four main categories: basic, specialty, graduate, and ancient. These are the four categories most often used and are therefore the most widely known and understood throughout the magical community.

Levels one through five: basic levels

     These are the beginning levels, and therefore are the easiest to learn and master. Even those with minimal magical abilities are capable of learning most of these levels in general magic, and any magical with enough hard work and skill can also learn some of these levels in advanced magic. The basic levels are often called the primary or elementary levels by stronger and more capable magicals for this very reason. The main things you learn during the basic levels are, as the name implies, the basics. This is when you learn the fundamentals required in order to properly perform that type of magic. In a way, these levels are the magical foundation or ground work needed in order to advance to the higher levels.

Levels six through ten: specialty levels

     This is where you start to loose some magicals, as not everyone is capable of learning these levels. Depending on what the magical is and the type of magic they are learning, these levels may or may not come easily to them if at all. Most magicals are capable of learning these levels in at least one of the different types of general magic, though usually not all. In advanced magic, it all depends on the type of advanced magic being learned and the magical species of the person trying to learn it. These levels are considered the typical magic most often used in every day life as a working adult, and therefore mastering at least some specialty level magic is the overall goal for growing magicals.

Levels eleven through twenty: graduate levels

     These levels of magic are what humans would refer to as your college level, and your ability to perform them in any type of magic all depends on three things: mastering both the basic and specialty levels, diligence, and biology. This is where your very DNA as a magical really starts to come into play, for at this point each type of magic requires a certain level and type of magical energy that not all magicals are born with. The more complete and pure your blood is in a certain magical species, the more likely you are to be able to perform these levels in at least one type of magic. Therefore, the less complete and more mixed your blood is as a magical, the less likely you are to be able to perform these levels at all.

Levels twenty-one and up: ancient levels

     Now this is where we really start to look into a magical's biology as well as their ancestry, for these levels are the hardest and rarest to come by in the modern day. In ancient times, these levels were actually widely used and were called the pure levels. This is because only the most pure and powerful family lines of any magical species could have the biological ability to learn and perform them within their species' specialty. Though these pure and ancient family bloodlines have grow thin and harder to come by over time, this requirement in order to have a chance at any ancient level magic has remained the same. This is why they are so rare in the modern day, as well as the most difficult to perform.