Magicals are split into many different species, all of which are considered stronger and more durable than humans. Here you will find detailed information about these various magical species, starting with some general facts. First you have their longer lifespan.

Age Difference

     In comparison, living to be one-thousand years old is equivalent to a human living to be one-hundred, but because of this, they also age and mature slower than humans. A good rule of thumb to use when comparing the ages of humans to magicals before adulthood is to double the age. So a six-year-old magical would have about the same maturity level as a three-year-old human. Adolescences for magicals starts at the age of twenty and adulthood is at forty. However, with the approval of a parent or guardian, a magical can be released as an adult as early as the age of thirty-five.  Finally, once they are an adult, the midlife fifty-years-old mark of a human for a magical is considered at the age of five-hundred. Next, you have their physical appearance.

Physical Difference

     Despite the fact that here on Earth you would never know the difference between a human and a magical at first glance, go to a magical planet like Sarvannia and you will quickly see a big difference. The main difference you will notice is their height and size. Depending on their species, magicals typically stand somewhere between eight and twelve feet tall, and range anywhere from broad to muscular to unusually skinny, and everything in between. Next you have some terms and concepts to help you understand how we communicate what we are magically.

Terms & Concepts

     First you have the pure blood. This is a magical who has only one magical species active in their DNA. The mixed blood is a magical who has more than one magical species active in their DNA. Finally, the half blood is a magical whose active DNA is only part magical, with the other half being any species not considered magical, the most common being human. Whenever a mixed or half blood states exactly what species are active in their DNA, they use a concept called purity percentage. The way this works is the magical will take every active species in their DNA and give each of them a percentage. This percentage represents how much of that one species is present and active within their DNA in comparison to a pure blood of that exact same species. For example, say you have a mixed blood that tells you they have one-hundred percent vampire and fifty percent enchanter. This would mean they hold all the qualities and abilities a pure blood vampire would hold as well as half of the qualities and abilities a pure blood enchanter would hold. Another species identifying concept is called double purity percentage. This concept has an extra step that can be very useful for the half blood. They first state their overall percentage, which is when they identify what their DNA consists of overall, with one-hundred percent being their active DNA as a whole. An example of this would be fifty percent magical and fifty percent human. Then they will state their magical makeup just like you would for the purity percentage. This method of identifying allows anyone the ability to have a clear understand of the full magical potential of any individual magical.