Magic has many different forms and comes in multiple levels of growing intensity. Here you will learn about the general, advanced, and unique types of magic. You will also learn how magicals identify their varying strengths and magical capacities. And finally, you will learn what types and levels of magic most magicals can learn as well as the types and levels of magic that are more skill, talent, or even biology based. But first, we must ask the question of what is magic? To understand that we must first understand what gives a magical the ability to even perform magic. What is it that makes them so different from humans? That is what I will clarify here, as it all comes down to energy.

Energy is defined as the driving force that keeps everything flowing and held together. This is the invisible power that keeps electrons moving, planets orbiting, and life circulating each and every day.

     Everything, no matter whether you are human or magical, animate or inanimate, has energy flowing around and within it. So what make a magical different from a human is the type of energy they physically hold or can control, and this is the biology factor previously referred to. The magical energies one is either born with or have a natural talent to control literally makes all the difference in what types and levels of magic they are capable of learning and mastering. No matter what type of magic you have chosen to learn, without the right magical energy, you are already greatly limited in your ability to perform it, especially when you start getting into its higher and more advanced levels.