Mutated Class

     This is the lowest and weakest vampire class, but even so is still stronger and more widely feared than most magicals. Typically, the kind of vampires you find here are your turned vampires. In other words, they were not born with the vampire in their DNA but were turned into a vampire later on in life. Almost all turned vampires fall into the mutated class, so to find a turned vampire that is not a part of the mutated class is highly unusual. A mixed magical, of which by definition is a magical that has more than one magical species active within their DNA, that is a vampire can also find themselves in this class if they don't have enough vampire in their DNA to biologically meet all of the criteria required for any of the other vampire classes. The mutated class consists of about twenty percent of the entire vampire population, most of which being turned vampires.

     Mutated vampires, be they turned or born, are simply given the basic qualities of the vampire, and therefore were not born with the beastly predisposition of the full-fledged vampire. A full-fledged vampire is a vampire whose very DNA at birth predestines them for a beast that is capable of providing them a higher level of power and skill than they would normally have access to, if ever their current situation calls for it. Of all the vampire classes, the mutated class is the only one where the vampires are not born with this predisposition, and therefore are not technically considered full-fledged vampires. This is why most mutated vampires are turned vampires, as typically born vampires do have this predisposition and are therefore considered full-fledged vampires. This is also why some higher class vampires have been known to call the mutated vampire a "magicless mutant." Magicless mutant is a cruel name for the mutated vampire that is meant to hint at the fact that technically, by definition, they are not considered full-fledged, and therefore are the weakest class of vampire that may as well be deemed as magicless. Some higher class vampires will even use this name on all turned vampires despite their class, thereby creating an even bigger insult that it originally was meant to imply.

     Like all vampire classes, the mutated vampire has a unique look to them. Their hair is a shade of off black that has the appearance of a shadow grey highlight, and their eyes are an ice blue. With a cool ivory skin tone and humanly perfect looks, their allure is within their under-exaggerated physical perfection that makes them appear down-to-earth. They have two fangs and need the least amount of blood to stay strong and healthy, usually an average of one large glass per day. Also, when their beast does emerge, their eyes will only dilate to the very edge of the whites of their eyes. The beast of the mutated vampire, due to not having the predisposition of the full-fledged vampire, is not independently driven by its own unique instincts. Though this can make controlling the beast exceptionally easy, it also makes the beast significantly weaker. Finally, when a mutated vampire transforms into an undead, it is not uncommon for the transformation to trigger a more powerful beast that will then allow the vampire to transcend their mutated class into the natural class. This is why it is not uncommon for a vampire that is turning a non-vampire to drink them almost completely dry before injecting them with their vampire venom. By doing this, they force the non-vampire's body to do a dual transformation, thereby turning them straight into their natural class undead form.