If you have read any of my writings, then you have probably noticed that I mention a place called Sarvannia fairly regularly within them. But what exactly is Sarvannia? Since I am currently working on bringing more information about Sarvannia to this website, I decided I would do a blog about it to help answer some basic questions about it in the mean time. Eventually, I plan to have the location, maps, their government, society setup, and much more posted on this website. So if this interests you, you can follow my Facebook Page to get live up-to-date information on any new content added to this site.

     Sarvannia is a planet located outside of the Milky Way Galaxy. This planet is considered the center point of the entire magical community, as there are a lot more magical planets out there. As a result, Sarvannia keeps to a calender and time frame that easily converts to the celestial calenders of the most widely known planets, including Earth. This makes communication with them much easier. One main reason Sarvannia is considered the center point of the magical community is because of a very unique magical feature that has evolved into the very planet itself. This magical feature is most commonly known as "the change."

     The change is something not even humans notice at first, as it is so quick and subtle. Anyone who enters Sarvannia's atmosphere will change as necessary. The most common change is their language. They will instantly be able to speak and understand Sarvannia's worldwide language called Sarvannian. This transformation is so complete that it will feel to them as if they have been speaking it their entire lives. For some species, like humans, there is a physical change at this time as well.

     You see, humans are almost dwarf-like compared to magicals simply because of their proportionately shorter physical body, not to mention their imperfect looks that are in no way perfectly mystical like the physical body of magicals. To compensate for this on Sarvannia, they will physically grow in height and proportion. In total, they will grow to be about three feet taller then they started out to be. This places them on average between eight and ten feet tall, right in the same average as many of the shorter magical species.

     With this in mind, it brings up the question of how magicals can remain so hidden upon Earth if they are so much taller than us. This is because they magically do the reverse when they come to Earth. They will proportionately shrink in height anywhere from three to six feet so they stand at the same average height as any other human. After that, all it takes is some basic rules and spells as needed to cover over any final hints of their magical status.

     Sarvannia did not always exist within our unique and magical world. At first, we did not even consider the question of where they came from in the first place. At most, we might have considered them in the same way as J.K. Rowling portrayed them in her Harry Potter Series. It was a couple years before we came up with the idea of there being a separate planet they all existed upon.

     For many years, we simply called this planet The Magical World. Sarvannia was actually a random name tossed about a few times in our games to represent other random planets. It was not until a year or two ago that it was finally decided that Sarvannia and The Magical World would be one and the same planet. Today, I consider The Magical World as nothing more than a slang term for Sarvannia simply because of Sarvannia being the center of the magical community. All in all, this is how Sarvannia came to be and a few basic facts about it as a whole.