The Magical Community

     With the launching of my website, I have taken the next step in opening up my beloved and vast fantasy world that has been developing within my mind ever since high school to all humans worldwide. However, with that said, I would be foolish and lying if I said I was the only one who helped to bring the magical community to the fruition it is today. Though there is still much more I have to develop and add to this site, there is one other who was vital to the development of this unique community of magicals across the universe. Without her, I can say with all certainty the magical community might never have developed. It is my dear and best friend of over ten years, Meghan Clontz. The magical community actually started out at the beginning our friendship as nothing more than a couple different magical species with ourselves as human victims in a role playing game that we have both grown to love. Over time, however, we started to see these magical beings and species as so much more than villains. They became, in a very real way, just as loving and human as you and me despite their unique and powerful magical differences. From there, the planet Sarvannia and the rest of the magical community was born. The ironic thing is it took me over ten years to realize this world had become so real to me despite its fantasized state that it was now everything to me within my writings. With this realization, I decided that the love and wonder we share for this ever changing and developing community was something that needed to be shared with all who love the fantasy world as much as we do. So with all this said, a big heart-felt thank you to my bff Meghan, and I wish to welcome all to The Magical Community!