Despite it being common knowledge in the magical community, this is one feature about the sorcerer species that humans have somehow remained naive to over the years. This is the reason why vampires tend to despise them, even when they are allies. Where vampires have fangs they can extend and retract at will, sorcerers and sorceresses have nails. Retracted, their nails almost reach the tips of their fingers and toes, but at full extension can reach up to a foot past their tips. What makes them extremely dangerous is their sharpness. It only takes the casting of a simple emphasis spell to make their nails strong enough and sharp enough to slice through thick tree trunks or even some metals without much difficulty, especially when they are at full extension. So despite the tough skin and thick muscle of the vampire being daunting and a major obstacle for most, the sorcerer is able to slice their nails right through it as if it was nothing more than softened butter. So you can understand why vampires are not very fond of them, especially when you consider the sorcerer's nails are their main source of physical defense.