Natural Class

     This is the stronger class of the lower class vampires, and is the weakest class of the full-fledged vampires. A full-fledged vampire is a vampire whose very DNA at birth predestines them for a beast that is capable of providing them a higher level of power and skill than they would normally have access to, if ever their current situation calls for it. Within this class you will mostly find your every day vampires that are born vampires. The natural class consists of about sixty-five percent of the entire vampire population, and is therefore considered the class of your average or typical vampire. They have all of the powers and abilities the vampire species is known for, even though the strength, flexibility, and perfection of these abilities are noticeably reduced in comparison to the upper class vampires.

     Like all vampire classes, the natural vampire has a unique look to them. Their hair is a pure off black that is sometimes seen as a lighter shade of midnight black that perfectly matches the shadows of night, and their eyes are a bright sky blue. With cool ivory skin that almost looks porcelain and super model looks, their allure is in their super star like appearance that you normally don't see every day. They have four fangs and typically need to drink blood with every meal in order to stay strong and healthy. Also, when the beast emerges, their eyes will dilate until only a faint ring of white is left. Like with all full-fledged vampires, the beast is completely independently driven by its own unique instincts that are separate from the vampire's intellectual mind. This means, that when the beast emerges it has the ability to take full charge of the vampire's body, thereby causing them to run purely on their predatory instincts without logical thought or conscious reasoning. For the born vampire, control of the beast in the natural class is usually gained by early adolescence.

     All full-fledged vampires, be they born or turned, are capable of reaching a superior level of energetic strength and power known as fiery rage. Depending on your class, the activation of fiery rage through the beast's ultimate height of passion and rage can figuratively be like the sting of a bee or a wasp. Because of this, it also portrays itself differently within each class. For the natural class, activating fiery rage is like the sting of a bee. In the end, the explosion of power, strength, and force that radiates outward from them will almost instantly start to kill the vampire from the inside. This will then cause the beast to create a fiery inferno that will consume everything within their immediate vicinity, including their own physical body.

     When fiery rage is activated in a normal vampire, the first thing that happens is their internal energy that normally lies dormant within them starts to multiply and blow around them, kind of like an electric breeze that only they can feel. This causes their clothing and hair to dance about them as if in their own wind while small electric shocks zap randomly about them, almost as if their very body is electrically charging. Then the center of their dilated eyes where their pupils would normally be will start to glow a bright scarlet red. At this point their full potential is reached, and seconds later will explode outward from them as mentioned before, thereby causing serious harm to all non-vampires around them. It will also significantly weaken any vampires around them while at the same time killing the vampire within them. This will allow the flames that will then consume the internally dead vampire's body to also be potentially fatal to all life within the immediate vicinity. Finally, when a natural vampire transforms into an undead, it is not uncommon for the transformation to trigger a more powerful beast that will then allow the vampire to transcend their natural class into the noble class.