By far their most famous characteristic is their silver blood, and that is all thanks to the vampires. Not only is their blood the most powerful pure healing source around, but it is also the sweetest and most nutritious type of blood a vampire could ever have. This is because nymphs are the vegans of all vegans, as they are literally incapable of eating animals or animal byproducts without getting deathly ill. This is why their blood is so nutritious to the carnivorous vampires, as it contains the pure plant nutrition vampires otherwise would not get. A lesser known characteristic of the nymph is the allure of their sweet nature. Almost hypnotic in force, they draw animals and people to them with a calming aura that could almost be described as addictive. Though not widely known, this characteristic is the one that makes their most widely known skill possible, as even the most violent and dangerous of predators are quickly lulled into loving submission by it.