Nicolette is a sorceress witch mix who lives in a meadow that very much resembles a fairytale, even right down to her own looks and choice of clothing. With lightly tanned ivory skin, gentle brownish green hazel eyes, thick golden blonde curls that reach past her shoulder blades, long slender limbs, and a dress that resembles a vintage nineteen-fifties spring dress, she has the first impression of a kind, down to earth, five-foot-six, natural model in her early thirties. Behind it all, however, is a bitter woman who hates all human and magical beings. This is because of a prolonged pattern of their nonacceptance, bullying, and discrimination that has left her feeling like she will never belong anywhere outside of the innocent love of the animals she can so easily communicate with. After her lover and son's father attempts to change her, just to abandon them both when he realized these attempts were in vain, she has since then lured in and trapped humans in order to gain the flesh and blood ingredients she needs. Then, with her ability to mix the potions needed to heal and protect her beloved animals once again restored, she gives the humans a feathery fate they will never be able to escape. With all this wickedness within her past and the coldness of her heart towards other beings growing more intense and deeply ingrained every day, how could anyone possibly change this dangerously seductive woman for the better?