Pixies are easily the most fierce and distrusting of all beings, so much so that the smallest offense can lead to a vicious attack. Despite this they are extremely loyal to and protective of those they do trust, especially their gentle cousins the fairies. Despite their many similarities, fairies and pixies are two totally different species and easily get offended by being labeled incorrectly. Though pixies are rarely seen outside of their home area and are rightfully feared, fairies are by no means any lesser or weaker. They are simply different. By far the smallest, fairies and pixies are easily the most sly, clever, and slippery of all magical species, and this is not just because of their size. Their most widely known trait is an ability to cross what is known as the veil.

     The veil is most easily defined as an invisible barrier between two dimensions. In a way, what lies beyond the veil can be seen as a parallel dimension, though I am using this term very loosely. Those who can cross the veil can see both of these dimensions simultaneously as if they are one dimension while still being able to tell one from the other. They can even interact with each other across the veil. Though their universes are exactly alike in the physical sense, these two dimensions sustain completely different species and are, in a way, two totally different worlds unknowingly living alongside each other. Joined together with the nymph and fairy, these three magical species are known as the unique rank on Sarvannia. This is the main page of the pixie third of Sarvannia's unique, and therefore will be the center point of all information regarding pixies.

About Pixies

     The best way to describe pixies is to compare them to a hive of wasps. Quick to anger and known to swarm, even vampires can fall victim to their deadly wrath. Those who have seen or experienced a pixie attack describe them as the smallest and most vicious warriors around, warriors that are not bound to The Code of Honor and therefore unlimited in their options. Their most common weapons are swords, daggers, and double bladed staffs though these are not the only weapons they can use. Any sharp edge is laced with mysterious magic that makes any cut bleed profusely and extremely hard to heal. This alone has been known to kill even the fast-healing nymphs. Staffs and other blunt weapons also pack a powerful punch, a jolt that is similar to a high voltage shock that causes painful spasms that potentially can render you helpless for several minutes. They have also been known to use the veil to sneak up on their enemies without suspicion. If all this fails to work they have an ancient allegiance that will willingly fight alongside them in any fight.

     Though it has no name, the pixies and goblins have been loyal allies since ancient times. This is why their kingdom lies close to Risky Range, as it gives them quick and easy access to the entire goblin community. It is uncertain when, how, or why this alliance was forged but it has been fatally effective since the beginning. Because pixies are extremely anti-social outside of their community, they are not as well-known as their gentle cousins the fairies. The only beings they willingly associate with are the nymphs, fairies, and goblins, though even these occasions are very rare. However, it is said that if you can gain the trust and alliance of a pixie, a feat just as difficult as it is rare, they will be your most loyal companion through thick and thin. To learn more, just click on one of the following links to get started.